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2023 Keyboard Layout Trends You Should Check Out

Stay ahead with 2023's hottest keyboard trends! This blog post highlights must-see innovations and features to heighten and redefine your typing experience.

TG67 v2 Keyboard with Galaxy PBT Keycaps and Yosemite Desk MatTG67 v2 Keyboard with Galaxy PBT Keycaps and Yosemite Desk Mat

TG67 v2 Keyboard with Galaxy PBT Keycaps and Yosemite Desk Mat

Without a doubt, mechanical keyboards have become essential to our day-to-day. They are essential for writing work/school documents, sending emails, and playing lengthy video games. Our keyboard arrangement can have a big impact on how productive and enjoyable it is to type at our desks.

2023 has been a big year for keyboards, with new technologies and layouts releasing seemingly every month. The demand for better ergonomics, enhanced productivity, and customization possibilities catered to personal preferences is what drives advancements in keyboard layout. The styles and features of keyboards change along with technology.

By keeping up with these trends, we can select a new keyboard that improves our productivity and typing experience.

Evolution of Keyboard Designs

Keyboard designs have changed greatly over time from the conventional QWERTY layout. This happened to cater to changing consumer wants and preferences. Manufacturers and designers have incorporated new cutting-edge features and layouts, such as optical and hall-effect (magnetic) switches, which are actually an older technology that made a resurgence. These improvements range from ergonomic layouts that prioritize comfort and reduce strain to portable designs that don't sacrifice functionality.

Trends include the emergence of rotary knobs for improved control, LED panels for visual feedback and customization, the rise of the 65% layout for small designs, and the use of macropads for productivity and shortcut optimization are just a few examples.

Keyboard Layout Trends in 2023

1. Rotary Knobs

Gray Keychron Q6 Rotary KnobGray Keychron Q6 Rotary Knob

Gray Keychron Q6 Rotary Knob

The physical controls known as "rotary knobs" can be spun or twisted to change settings, browse options, or manage other tasks. They are sometimes known as jog dials or encoder knobs. The rotary knobs offer a precise and tactile means of interacting with computer hardware and software that have a range, such as volume or brush size.

Integration of Rotary Knobs into Keyboard Layouts

Many manufacturers of keyboards have begun including rotary knobs in their designs. This innovation gives users an access to extra input option. These knobs may be positioned on the side, the top, or even built into the keycaps of the keyboard. They are frequently programmable, allowing users to give them customized shortcuts or functionalities based on their tastes and requirements.

Benefits and Applications of Rotary Knobs

Users gain from rotary knobs in keyboard layouts in a number of ways:

  • Improved Control: Rotary knobs allow for exact adjustment of a number of parameters, including audio control, screen brightness, zoom levels, and document scrolling. When opposed to conventional key-based controls, they provide a more intuitive and tactile experience.
  • Efficiency and Workflow Optimization: By designating frequently used functions or shortcuts to rotary knobs, users can optimize their workflow and complete tasks more quickly. For instance, film editors can navigate timelines using a rotary knob, while music producers can alter the volume or apply effects in real-time.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: Rotary knobs' functionality can be adaptable to a variety of software applications and usage circumstances. They are adaptable to numerous jobs and industries thanks to their programmability, which enables users to tailor their behavior dependent on the particular software.
Purple Barebones Keychron Q10 Rotary KnobPurple Barebones Keychron Q10 Rotary Knob

Purple Barebones Keychron Q10 Rotary Knob

Examples of Keyboards with Rotary Knob Features

There are now many keyboard designs with built-in rotary knobs on the market. These keyboards accommodate a range of user preferences and requirements. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Logitech Craft: A multifunctional input dial is easily located at the upper left corner of the Logitech Craft keyboard. With the help of the dial, users of creative applications may fine-tune options like brush size and image zoom for a fluid and accurate editing experience.
  • : This mechanical keyboard's hot-swappable feature enables users to change the keycaps on this little device. A rotary knob that may be configured to carry out particular tasks or manage the playback of multimedia is a feature of several models.
  • Razer Huntsman V2 Analog: The analog optical switches on the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard allow for customizable actuation and sensitivity. It has a multi-function digital dial that can be used to change the volume, navigate websites, or manage different gaming settings.
  • These are just a few examples of the rotary knobs that keyboard designers often include in their creations. These knobs add a new degree of capability to keyboard layouts by improving user control, effectiveness, and variety.

    Imagine a keyboard that can be customized, functions as a typing tool, and offers dynamic visual feedback. The way we engage with our input devices has been revolutionized by the fascinating trend of keyboards with embedded LED screens. These screens add a new level of utility, customization, and aesthetic appeal to modern keyboards. They are often positioned above the keys or integrated into specific keycaps. Highlighted below are the perks of this layout.

    Keyboard LED screens provide a wide range of visual feedback and alerting options. They can show program notifications, system data, live updates, animated images, or even real-time changes. An LED display might, for example, display CPU use, incoming email alerts, music playback information, or volume levels.

    Users can now rapidly glance at their keyboard to obtain crucial information with visual feedback without taking their eyes off the screen they are working on. It offers a smooth, simple method for staying connected and informed in real-time, increasing output and workflow effectiveness.

    The numerous customizing choices that LED screens on keyboards provide are one of their most intriguing features. The LED screen's appearance and behavior can be customized by users to suit their tastes and preferences. They can design a visually attractive keyboard layout by selecting from a variety of vivid colors, animations, and lighting effects.

    Additionally, bespoke messages, pictures, or even game-specific information can be programmed to appear on LED screens. Gamers, for instance, can use the LED panel to display in-game statistics, health bars, or cooldown times, giving them a competitive edge and an immersive gaming experience.

    LED screens have inspired innovative uses in keyboard layouts, showcasing the possibilities they bring. Here are some captivating uses:

    • Real-Time Language Translation: Imagine typing in one language and seeing the translated content appear on the LED panel right away. These language-translation keyboards can revolutionize communication by facilitating smooth and effective multilingual interactions.
    • Music Visualization: LED screens are capable of synchronizing with computer music, presenting hypnotic graphics that pulse and vary according to the audio frequencies. For fans of music, this combination produces a thrilling audio-visual experience.
    • Built-in Workflow Tools: LED displays can include tools that boost productivity, such as calendar reminders, to-do lists, or quick access buttons for frequently used programs. Users are kept focused and organized by this integration, which speeds up their everyday activities.
    • Dynamic Key Labeling: Keycaps with embedded LED screens can show context-sensitive labels that alter based on the mode or application. Users are given essential adaptable functions via this feature, allowing for a smooth transition between applications or tasks.

We can anticipate much more inventive and engaging applications of this technology as the LED screen trend develops. As it pushes the boundaries of keyboard design and enticing users in novel and exciting ways.

3. 65% Layout

TG67 V2 with Galaxy PBT Keycaps and Froggy Desk MatTG67 V2 with Galaxy PBT Keycaps and Froggy Desk Mat

TG67 V2 with Galaxy PBT Keycaps and Froggy Desk Mat

The compact 65% keyboard layout strikes a balance between usability and room efficiency. It preserves roughly 65% of the keys on a typical full-size keyboard, as the name implies, but does away with the number pad, function row, and some navigation keys. The 65% layout often includes the arrow keys, alphanumeric keys, and a few extra buttons for crucial purposes despite the size decrease.

The 65% layout's tiny form factor, which was obtained by removing less frequently used keys, serves as its primary point of differentiation. The keyboard is now more space-efficient, freeing up desk space for other items or enabling a more comfortable typing position.

Advantages of Compact Designs for Portability

The 65% layout's compact form has a number of benefits, especially in terms of portability. Other merits include:

  • Increased Portability: 65% keyboards are more portable props to their smaller size factor. They take up less room in travel arrangements, are lighter to carry, and can fit into laptop bags or backpacks. Because of this, they are a popular option for mobile workers and LAN party players.
  • Ergonomic Advantages: By minimizing the space between the mouse and keyboard, the compact layout promotes a more ergonomic typing position. By reducing the amount of stress on the shoulders and wrists, this can make typing more relaxing and healthier.
TG67 V2 with Whale PBT Keycaps and Moonlit Oasis Desk MatTG67 V2 with Whale PBT Keycaps and Moonlit Oasis Desk Mat

TG67 V2 with Whale PBT Keycaps and Moonlit Oasis Desk Mat

  • Sleek and Clean Look: The 65% keyboards' basic design gives the desktop setup a streamlined aesthetic. With fewer keys cluttering the workplace, users can obtain an aesthetically pleasing and uncluttered look.

Key Considerations when Transitioning to a 65% Layout

A 65% arrangement needs some transitional adjustment, but it may be worthwhile. When switching, keep the following things in mind:

  • Function Key Layer: Since there are fewer keys on keyboards, function key layers are frequently used. This indicates that some keys have two functions and need a function key to access them. Understanding the function key layer and becoming familiar with the related key combinations are crucial.
  • Workflow Adaptation: Take into account your own workflow and ascertain whether any crucial keys are absent from the 65% arrangement. Consider workarounds or different options, for instance, if you routinely use a certain function key or significantly rely on a specialized number pad.
  • Customization Options: Search for 65% of keyboards with this feature. You may customize the layout of many keyboards to suit your own needs and tastes by remapping keys and assigning macros.

In summary, the 65% keyboard layout offers a small, space-saving form without compromising crucial functionality. You can get a 65% keyboard that meets your needs and improves your typing experience thanks to the diverse models on the market.

4. Macropads

Another innovative keyboard layout common in this modern age is the Macropads. Compact supplementary input devices called macropads have customizable buttons or keys. By giving users easy access to frequently used features, shortcuts, or macros, they hope to increase productivity and streamline processes. These tiny devices, which are often placed next to or above a keyboard, provide a practical and effective solution to streamline processes and raise overall effectiveness.

Elgato Stream Deck MacropadElgato Stream Deck Macropad

Elgato Stream Deck Macropad

Benefits of Macropads for Productivity and Gaming

The use of macropads has various advantages for both gaming and productivity. These consist of:

  • Greater Efficiency: Using macropads eliminates the need to remember intricate key combinations or browse through numerous menus in order to carry out tasks. Users can instantly access frequently used actions or commands by assigning specific functions or macros to each key using programmable buttons. This increases overall efficiency across a range of tasks and activities by saving time and effort.
  • Workflow Streamlining: In organizations where productivity is a priority, macropads can greatly speed up workflows. They let users access particular program capabilities without interfering with their workflow, automate repeated activities, carry out complex actions with a single click, etc. By removing the need for manual input, macropads increase productivity and aid in maintaining user focus.
  • Gaming Advantages: By allowing users to complete complicated sequences of tasks with a single keypress, macropads give gamers a competitive edge. This is especially helpful in fast-paced games where quick thinking and decision-making are essential. Gamers can utilize macropads to bind frequently used commands or develop custom macros, giving them the ability to react quickly and effectively while playing.

Programmable Features and Customization Options

Macropads include a wide range of programmable capabilities and customizability possibilities, so users can customize them to meet their own needs:

  • Macro Recording: With macropads, users can capture and store a run of instructions or actions. By associating these macros with certain buttons, users can perform complicated activities with just one click. Users have total control over the functionality of macros through the recording and editing processes.
Macro Recording Tab in VIAMacro Recording Tab in VIA

Macro Recording Tab in VIA

  • Key Remapping: Users can change the function of the buttons on a macropad to suit their own arrangement or tastes. You can personalize your experience and ensure that the features or shortcuts you use the most frequently are easily accessible by using this personalization option.
  • Profile Switching: Macropads usually come with a variety of profiles, allowing users to swiftly switch between different macros or pre-programmed actions. For changing between various software applications or gaming environments, this function is helpful.
Profile Layout Tab in VIAProfile Layout Tab in VIA

Profile Layout Tab in VIA

Integration of Macropads into Keyboard Setups

There are various strategies for seamlessly integrating macropads into keyboard setups. As follows:

  • Standalone Macropads: The independent gadgets may be put next to or above the keyboard. They provide a particular location for programmable buttons. Due to the wide range of sizes and forms offered by these macropods, users are encouraged to select the freestanding macropad that best suits their setup and workflow.
  • Built-in Macropads: Integrated macropads are programmable buttons that are built directly into some keyboards. These integrated macropads eliminate the need for additional desk-side equipment by offering a more practical and organized alternative.
  • Modular Systems: On the modular forms, macropads can also be fitted into keyboards. Some keyboards feature modular designs that let users add or delete macropad modules as needed. Due to its versatility, users can alter their keyboard's setup to suit their needs, whether they are for work or play.

It is essential to note that macropads' keyboard layout provides a more useful and effective manner to boost productivity and shortcuts. Users may be able to reach new levels of comfort, customization, and productivity by utilizing macropads. Additionally, this ultimately improves their productivity and degree of pleasure.


The level of productivity that can be aided by these new keyboard trends is limitless. Users can improve workflow, streamline their operations, and adapt to shifting needs by embracing new trends. To benefit from new technologies and customization choices, stay up to date on keyboard layout trends. This will allow you to customize your keyboards to suit your preferences and work/play routines.

These trends provide vital tools and features to improve your experience, whether you're a professional looking to increase efficiency or a gamer hoping to increase performance. In order to increase your productivity, efficiency, and enjoyment, start by being familiar with the newest trends and distinctive keyboard layouts.

With the right layout, your keyboard is more than just a tool; it opens up a world of opportunities!