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Top 5 Best Selling Gateron Switches (2023)

Gateron switches are among the most popular switches in the mechanical keyboard space. In this post, we explore the top 5 best-selling Gateron switches.

Kinetic Labs Gecko Silent Linear SwitchKinetic Labs Gecko Silent Linear Switch

Kinetic Labs Gecko Silent Linear Switch

Gateron has been a leader in the mechanical keyboard space for years. They have made community favorites, including Black Ink V2 linears and Gateron Yellow switches. And they continue to release many new switches every year. Because of this influx of new switches, it can be hard to cut through the noise.

I recommend watching this short video below to supplement this post, as you can listen to what each of these switches sounds like:

In this article, I will introduce you to our top 5 best-selling switches from Gateron. But this does not mean these are the best switches, as that's subjective, and you may like other Gateron switches that are not on the list. These five most popular switches are popular for a reason: they all feel and sound great.

#1: Gateron Gecko Silent Linear Switches

Gecko silent linear switches were Gateron's first silent linear to be pre-lubricated. The combination of a silenced stem using padding and lubrication results in a silent switch that is smoother and quieter.

Gateron Gecko Silent Linear SwitchesGateron Gecko Silent Linear Switches

Gateron Gecko Silent Linear Switches

Gecko switches are part of Kinetic Labs' exclusive line of switches, so extra care has been taken with the packaging. All orders are packaged in a thematic gecko pouch and include a cute sticker.

#2: Gateron Oil King Linear Switches

Gateron first announced Oil King linear switches in early 2022. They quickly took the keyboard community by storm to become one of the most popular linear switches in the market. This popularity was mainly due to their low cost and smooth travel.

Gateron Oil King SwitchesGateron Oil King Switches

Gateron Oil King Switches

Gateron has mentioned using "secret materials" to give Oil King switches a distinctive sound. Also, Gateron used a unique lubing technique to lubricate the stems for added smoothness. A comfortable 65g bottom-out spring is the cherry on top.

#3: Gateron Hippo Linear Switches

Hippo linear switches were Gateron's first switch to use a UHMWPE stem. UHMWPE is a special type of plastic with a very low friction coefficient. This unique material produces a naturally smooth switch, even without lube.

Gateron Hippo SwitchesGateron Hippo Switches

Gateron Hippo Switches

The stems on Hippo switches are un-lubricated because they don't need lube for smoothness. Their use of nylon housings also gives them a unique, deep sound signature.

Hippo switches, like Geckos, are also part of Kinetic Labs' exclusive line of switches. They come in a hippo-themed pouch and include a cute hippo sticker:

Hippo Switches PackagingHippo Switches Packaging

Hippo Switches Packaging

#4: Gateron Milky Yellow Pro Linear Switches

The Milky Yellow Pro linear switches are the latest version of Gateron's wildly popular Milky Yellow switches. The primary distinction between the Pro version and earlier versions is that the Pro version is pre-lubricated using the same technique as their other pre-lubricated line of switches.

Gateron Milky Yellow Pro SwitchesGateron Milky Yellow Pro Switches

Gateron Milky Yellow Pro Switches

Milky Yellow Pro linear switches have a unique sound, particularly low-pitched, one of the deepest-sounding switches in the mechanical keyboard space. The fact that they're also one of the most affordable switches on the market makes these a go-to choice for many beginners.

#5: Gateron Black Ink V2 Linear Switches

Black Ink V2 linear switches are the oldest on the list, and the fact that they remain one of the industry's most popular switches is a testament to their sound and performance. They are smooth and relatively loud compared to others on the list, but it's what most consider a pleasant sound.

Gateron Black Ink V2 SwitchesGateron Black Ink V2 Switches

Gateron Black Ink V2 Switches

The biggest downside to Ink V2 linears is their cost, as they are also the most expensive switch on the list. Also, the Ink V2 line of switches is available in multiple spring weights and colors, unlike the other switches on the list.


Gateron has dozens of switches. The five we covered on this list are just scratching the surface! Also, all of the switches on this list are linear. If you're looking for a tactile switch from Gateron, I recommend looking at the Gateron Beer Switches. At Kinetic Labs, we partner closely with Gateron to bring innovative switches to the industry and have built a sizable collection of switches made by Gateron.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help choosing switches or have any other questions. We're always happy to help!