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TG67 V3 Review

This short blog post goes over Preston's review of the TG67 V3 Mechanical Keyboard kit and his overview of the updates and specifications of this keyboard.

Lavender TG67 V3 with Hippo PBT KeycapsLavender TG67 V3 with Hippo PBT Keycaps

Lavender TG67 V3 with Hippo PBT Keycaps

A while back, I wrote an article about Kinetic Labs’ very own keyboard kit, the TG67 V2, and recently, they have come out with a new version that improves on some of the areas where the V2 may have fallen a bit short, so let's talk about it!

Fully Assembled TG67 V3 with Whale PBT KeycapsFully Assembled TG67 V3 with Whale PBT Keycaps

Fully Assembled TG67 V3 with Whale PBT Keycaps

First things first, when it comes to the keyboard's specifications, there are not many changes, so what changed?The main changes are:

  • The V3 comes pre-assembled
  • V3 includes Durock V2 stabilizers
  • V3 includes Carbon GS3 lube
  • V3 has improved internals (filled gaps to improve the sound)
  • V3 includes Switch + Keycap Puller
  • V3 is available in 9 colors (previously it only had 5 color options)

One of the issues I had with the V2 variant was that it didn’t include stabilizers, so the fact that it includes Durock V2s is a lovely addition. Another improvement I was very happy to see was that it has improved internals! The TG67 V2 had some issues where it sounded a bit hollow and you could definitely hear the metal of the actual case itself. While some people may have been a fan of this, I personally was not, so I am glad to report that this is no longer an issue with the V3!

Preassembled Open Casing of the Lavender TG67 V3Preassembled Open Casing of the Lavender TG67 V3

Preassembled Open Casing of the Lavender TG67 V3

While I am pretty sure that if you are an experienced keyboard builder, you might have tons of switch + keycap pullers lying around, I think the V2 did not include them, which was a miss. If someone was getting this as their first keyboard, they would not have the required tools to go about removing keycaps and switches if they needed to replace one due to a bent pin, for example. Thankfully, not only does the V3 include the tools needed, but it also includes lube, which is a really nice addition as the stabilizers do not come lubed out of the box, leading me to the only minor complaint I have about the V3.

In my opinion, having the V3 pre-assembled is not really the right move, as the stabilizers are screw-in and come bone dry. Thankfully, they include lube, but to remove the stabilizers, you have to take apart the keyboard anyway, adding one more step to the building process for the end user. Having it disassembled right out of the box would remove that initial step, leading to a much smoother and less time-consuming build process as Durock V2 stabilizers usually need to be wire balanced and lubed before installing to the PCB, or you will be left with stabilizers that have a lot of tick/rattle.

Mint and Lavender Builds for the TG67 V3 KitsMint and Lavender Builds for the TG67 V3 Kits

Mint and Lavender Builds for the TG67 V3 Kits

Lastly, the additional color options are great for those who want to make a more unique-looking board, as the colors added are different from your more traditional ones, with my favorite being the Mint colorway. The keyboard builder also helps give you an idea of how it might sound/look with sound snippets of typing tests and a rendered image of the keycaps on the keyboard itself, which is a great way to help the consumer figure out if this is exactly what they had in mind before purchasing.

Brass Badge on the Dark Green TG67 V3Brass Badge on the Dark Green TG67 V3

Brass Badge on the Dark Green TG67 V3

The thing that hasn’t changed at all is the bottom keyboard badge. Now, I do think it looks quite nice, but for the price, I was hoping for a bit more design-wise, as it does look a tad plain compared to the competition around this price point. I know some people won’t care as it is located on the bottom of the keyboard so that you wouldn’t see it regardless, but having a nicer weight option like a more prominent badge located in the middle of the keyboard instead of on the right side of the keyboard would have been an excellent addition to this already great V3. The bezel thickness, rounded corners, and smooth-to-the-touch finish are still very apparent on this keyboard, which I am glad did not change.

The TG67 V3 is an upgrade in almost every area over the V2 variant with new colors, a better sound profile, and more tools to help your building process be a lot smoother and less stressful overall. Maybe in the future, we can expect to see more layout options and more competitive pricing as well!