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Favorite Keyboard Switches of 2024

This blog post talks about Preston's favorite mechanical switches for 2024! Each switch has its specifications and a personal review by Preston as a summary.

Moon V2 Linear SwitchesMoon V2 Linear Switches

Moon V2 Linear Switches

Just like every year, there have been so many new switches to come out that it is very hard to keep track of the ones actually worth checking out. So today, I have compiled a list of switches I have used this year that stood out to me compared to the competition. I may have missed some, but hopefully, this list helps you.

Vertex V One

Vertex V One Switch (Credit: V One Switch (Credit:

Vertex V One Switch (Credit:

The Vertex V One is the first switch on this list due to its amazing out-of-the-box experience. The switch needs no modifications and is perfect for beginners who might not necessarily have the tools needed to lube switches anyway. Here are their specs:

  • 5-Pin Linear switch
  • Top & Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
  • Stem: POM
  • Total travel distance: 4.0+0.3mm
  • Pre-travel distance: initial force: 35gf(min)
  • Operation force: 50+10gf
  • Bottom-out force: 62+10gf
  • Switch Spring: 15mm non-gold plated stainless steel

This has to be my go-to linear switch of the year because of its extremely low price and high performance. With a low price of only $.30 a switch, they feature a unique softer bottom-out that might not be for everyone but is definitely something to check out if you want something a little different compared to your normal linear switches. The factory lube job on these is very consistent and provides a very smooth typing experience, but you can also buy them in a non-lubed variant if you prefer to lube them yourself. The only downside to getting it not lubed is that the price stays the same between the non-lubed and lubed variants.

In terms of sound, these are very moderate sounding, as I wouldn’t say they are super clacky, but they aren’t muted or thocky sounding either. This is great for those who don’t want too much of either sound signature and want to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro

Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro Switch (Credit: V3 Cream Blue Pro Switch (Credit:

Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro Switch (Credit:

The next switch on this list will be the Akko V3 Cream Blue Pros. This switch has gone through a couple of iterations, and each one has fixed the issues that I had with it. Now we have ended up with the V3s, which are probably one of, if not the best budget tactile on the market, as of 2023. Here are the specs:

  • Type: 5-Pin Tactile
  • Operating Force: 45gf ± 5gf
  • Total Travel: 3.3mm
  • Pre Travel: 2.2 ± 0.5mm
  • Tactile Position:0.5mm
  • Tactile Force: 55gf ± 5gf

This switch goes for a low price of $8.99 for 45 switches and comes with lubed rails to help give you a better stock experience. This switch does not suffer from the same fate that most tactiles do, and that is by not having any leaf ping! Usually, tactile switches have a ticking noise that can be quite annoying, and sometimes even if you lube them, the noise can persist. I can say that thankfully that is not an issue on these! I will still recommend you lube the springs of these switches as they are bone dry, but other than that, these are a great budget tactile to pick up.

These do have a clacky sound signature to them as well as that tactile bump sound. I wouldn’t necessarily call them quiet, but they are not as loud as a clicky switch for example. Sound signature is more affected by the keyboard and plate you put these switches into, but their tactile appeal and use of certain housing materials do come into play slightly.

Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro

Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro Switches (Credit: V3 Cream Yellow Pro Switches (Credit:

Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro Switches (Credit:

The Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pros are the linear counterpart to the switch we just talked about above. These are also very budget-friendly, keeping the same $8.99 for 45 switch price tag, and have the following specs:

  • Type: 5-Pin Linear
  • Operating Force: 50gf ± 5gf
  • Total Travel: 3.3mm
  • Pre Travel: 2.0 ± 0.5mm

The same things I talked about for the tactiles apply here for this switch as well! They don’t suffer from leaf ping, are improved in all areas compared to their earlier versions, and have a solid stock experience due to the lubed rails. I would still recommend lubing the springs and maybe the bottom housings because you can feel the scratchiness a bit more compared to the Cream Blue Pros. I like to look at these as great replacements for your Gateron Yellows as they are very similar but feel a lot smoother overall. Like the tactile version, the sound signature tends to lean more towards the clacky side of things, but it mainly depends on what keyboard and plate you put them into.

Wuque Studios WS Morandi

Wuque Studio Morandi Linear SwitchWuque Studio Morandi Linear Switch

Wuque Studio Morandi Linear Switch

The WS Morandi Linear Switches from Wuque Studios are my go-to switch for those who are looking to achieve a nice deep and thocky sound signature. The price is a bit higher than the other switches on the list at $0.43 per switch, but that is still very affordable. Here are their specs:

  • Type: 5-Pin Linear
  • Top & Bottom Housing: POM
  • Stem: UPE
  • Light Diffuser: PMMA
  • Spring: 18mm Double-Stage Long Spring
  • Bottom-Out Force: 60g
  • Total Travel: 3.5 ± 0.3mm

These switches also feature a unique light diffuser that softens the harshness of the RGB effects and evenly distributes them across your keyboard, so you don’t have any dead zones! Perfect for those who want the best RGB experience without a fully polycarbonate switch.

In terms of sound, these are very muted and super thocky as well. This leads to a satisfying low-pitched sounding keyboard. If you want it to be even thockier, try doing the PE Foam + Tape Mod combo. This might lead to it being a bit too much for some people, but for others, this could be just right. Feel free to experiment with how many layers of tape you prefer, as more/fewer layers of tape will affect how the keyboard sounds.

Kinetic Labs Moon V2

Moon V2 Linear SwitchesMoon V2 Linear Switches

Moon V2 Linear Switches

I couldn’t end this list without mentioning one of the best stock switches of 2023, the Kinetic Labs Moon V2s. These are a much-needed improvement over their predecessors and come with probably the best factory lube job of 2023. They start at around $.62 per switch and are sold in packs of 18. Here are their specs:

  • Type: 5-Pin Linear
  • Top & Bottom Housing: Nylon PA66
  • Stem: POM
  • Spring: 63.5g bottom-out spring
  • Total Travel: 4mm

All of my switches were consistently lubed, and I didn’t encounter any issues with one switch having more lube than the other. The only complaint I could see someone having is that while they are very consistent with their lubing, there is a lot of it, so some people might not like that.

Something I always like to mention when it comes to the Moon V2s is that they are a bit quieter than your standard linear switch, so I love to use them in my work keyboard as you won’t run into the mushy feeling you sometimes get with silent switches and you won’t annoy everyone around you either. These do lean towards the clacky side a bit, similar to the Vertex V Ones, but also feature a more muted sound signature as well.

Final Thoughts:

Thoughts:There were so many great switches that came out this year, and it was really hard to figure out what my favorites were. I probably even forgot about some as well due to just the massive amounts of switches that are constantly coming out. While this is a positive as it creates more competition, I feel like it makes the market a bit too congested when it comes to switches. I wish companies would take more time perfecting them before releasing them to the public, as most manufacturers will turn around and make a v2 only after a couple of months of releasing v1.

Hopefully, I could introduce you to some switches that might have flown under your radar this year, and here's to hoping 2024 will be even better for mechanical keyboards!