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Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It?

Are you curious if mechanical keyboards are actually helpful? This blog post by Preston details their benefits and why you should use this type of keyboard.

Black TG67 V3 with Coffee Shop KeycapsBlack TG67 V3 with Coffee Shop Keycaps

Black TG67 V3 with Coffee Shop Keycaps

"Are Mechanical Keyboards really worth the high price some go for?" This question has been asked for quite a while now, for good reason, but the only person who can answer this question is you. Let's review some things that can make it easier to decide whether to invest in such an interesting hobby.

Improved Typing Experience

Octopus PBT Keycaps with Octopus Desk MatOctopus PBT Keycaps with Octopus Desk Mat

Octopus PBT Keycaps with Octopus Desk Mat

The most popular reason people buy mechanical keyboards is for the improved typing experience they provide. Unlike your standard office or membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboards use individual switches for each key. These switches can provide tactile feedback(for tactile switches), audible clicks(for clicky switches), or just a smooth typing experience with no interruptions on each key press(for linear switches), making typing a more satisfying experience overall.

Salmon Tactile SwitchesSalmon Tactile Switches

Salmon Tactile Switches

As I mentioned earlier, tactile switches give users a tactile bump that is felt every time they press a key. This type of switch is usually recommended for those who are writing long articles or just doing office-related work, as it can prevent the number of typos you make when performing more time-consuming tasks. A good option to consider if you do not know where to start is our very own Kinetic Labs Salmon Tactiles!

Clicky switches are not recommended for in-office work as they provide a nice and sometimes satisfying click sound on each keypress, which will annoy almost everyone unless you work from home. These are the least popular among the three options because of their very specific use case, but they can still provide a very enjoyable typing experience if you are into the clicky sound they provide. A good option to consider is the Chosfox Arctic Fox Clicky Switch!

Linear switches have no tactile bump or loud click and are the most versatile because people enjoy using them for everyday tasks and gaming purposes as well. These tend to be very smooth as there is no interruption in the key press, which can make some more vulnerable to typos. At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference. A great switch to consider is the Kinetic Labs Moon V2 Linear!

Mounting Styles & Plate Materials

Hanami Dango Green Switches with PC PlateHanami Dango Green Switches with PC Plate

Hanami Dango Green Switches with PC Plate

Mechanical keyboards also offer a wide range of customizability options. Other than switches, you have options for different plate materials and mounting styles, which both alter the stiffness and sound of a keyboard in their own ways and different keycap profiles, which change the shape of a keycap and how the keys feel on your fingertips. Additionally, mechanical keyboards often feature backlighting options, allowing users to personalize their keyboard's appearance.

Size & Layout Options

Depending on your use case scenario, different layouts, and size options might better fit you. The most common sizes of keyboards are 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, & 100%, with 100% being your standard sized keyboard. The smaller % the size of the keyboard you go, the fewer keys the keyboard will have, so it is important to consider what keys you actually use in your day-to-day activities. Getting a smaller keyboard can provide you with much more desk space, especially if you work in a small area.

Here is a chart of keyboard sizes I found created by the Reddit user u/Minehacks:

Keyboard Layout ReferenceKeyboard Layout Reference

Keyboard Layout Reference

Sound Profiles & Noise Levels

You might often hear the phrase “clacky” or “thocky” thrown around in the hobby, and that refers to a keyboard's sound profile. Clacky keyboards tend to have a higher-pitched clack sound, while thocky keyboards are more on the deeper/muted side. No keyboard will objectively sound better than another, so it mainly comes down to how you want your keyboard to sound or if you even care about sound at all.

If you work in an environment where silence is key, then silent switches are right for you! Silent switches contain some sort of dampening material, usually silicone, to soften the sound of the switch, which is perfect for any working environment where you are worried about annoying those around you. You get the better feel of a mechanical keyboard and don’t have to worry about noise being a problem with these types of switches. You can find Silent versions of both Linear and Tactile switches readily available on the market!


Mint TG67 V3 with Candy Shop KeycapsMint TG67 V3 with Candy Shop Keycaps

Mint TG67 V3 with Candy Shop Keycaps

The most fun part of the hobby, at least for me anyway, is aesthetics. Making the keyboard sound and feel good and look good while doing so is always a blast. There are so many different keycap options and keyboard colorways to choose from nowadays that you could easily fall down the rabbit hole and spend hours crafting keycap and keyboard combinations in your head until you find the one that will fit your setup perfectly.


Like most niche hobbies, the price of things can rapidly increase depending on what you are looking for, but there are still many great budget options if you do not want to spend over two hundred dollars on a keyboard. Keyboard kits like the GMK67, for example, offer a great canvas for you to work with without breaking the bank. There are also plenty of great budget switches and keycaps to choose from!

Like almost everything in this hobby, you are the only person who can decide whether a mechanical keyboard is worth it. Consider how much time you spend typing or gaming at your desk and determine if you can utilize the money you are willing to spend. Happy typing everyone!